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|| [[https:/voip.ms|VoIP.ms]] || Yes (CSipSimple/[[https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/net.kourlas.voipms_sms|Voip.ms SMS]]) || || || [[https://voip.ms|VoIP.ms]] || Yes (CSipSimple/[[https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/net.kourlas.voipms_sms|Voip.ms SMS]]) || ||
|| [[http://vitelity.com|Vitelity]] || Yes (SIP/XMPP) || ||

For context, here are some similar services:

Service FLOSS client Notes
Burner No Focused on being a "second number" for your phone.
Line2 No
Hushed No
Google Voice No
CoverMe No (it's not..super clear if this is a chat protocol with some sort of weird SMS glue or if it's a genuine bridge)
Sideline No
TextNow No
VoIP.ms Yes (CSipSimple/Voip.ms SMS)
Vitelity Yes (SIP/XMPP)

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