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[DIFF] 16:29 Info d50-92-76-47 [1-2] #01 (ossguy) clarify where the options1 step resides (after register3)
#02 (ossguy) registere -> options1 - name seems to more correctly capture what we're trying to do
[DIFF] 16:30 Info 47
[DIFF] 16:28 Info d50-92-76-47 [1]
47 [2]
#01 (ossguy) clarify JMP 911 support and add sentence about how cellular 911 calls work
[DIFF] 00:38 Info d50-92-76-47 [1-2] #01 (ossguy) fix a few more typos
#02 (ossguy) typo fixes
[DIFF] 23:57 Info d50-92-76-47 [1-3] #01 (ossguy) add a third rationale note for "99"
#02 (ossguy) fix typo
#03 (ossguy) switch from "00" to "99" and add rationale, also add general comments about liking "30"
[DIFF] 17:19 Info d50-92-76-47 delete section on Jingle forwarding single Vonage rejects '%' in SIP addresses so it doesn't work yet (this is ossguy editing without an account)
[DIFF] 01:35 Info Singpolyma [1-3] #03 add vonage sgx
[DIFF] 01:31 Info Singpolyma
[DIFF] 01:02 Info Singpolyma Start notes about outbound jingle calls
[DIFF] 00:02 Info Singpolyma
[DIFF] 02:07 Info 137-119-76-85 [1]
Singpolyma [2]
[DIFF] 01:57 Info Singpolyma [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:41 Info Singpolyma
[DIFF] 01:35 Info Singpolyma [1-3]
[DIFF] 00:28 Info Singpolyma [1-3]


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