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** UBPorts browser?
* Email: https://dekkoproject.org/

Debian is the Universal Operating System and we want to run it on our mobile devices. What are the apps a mobile user needs, and what is the state of readiness in Debian of these apps?

Things to look for:

  • Works well on small screen (main window, but also dialogs such as preferences)
  • Works well on low-resolution screen (such as 480x272 pocketCHIP)
  • Works well with only left clicks (single touch screens)
  • Works well with no keyboard (some devices need to use precious screen space for onscreen keyboard)
  • Supports gestures where appropriate (scrolling or dragging/swiping)
  • Supports multitouch gestures where appropriate (pinch zoom, etc)
  • Resource efficient (low-RAM devices)

Things to document:

  • Configurations that make the mobile experience better
  • Work still to be done


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