Not all XMPP clients support calling, and some work intermittently depending on which version you're using. In addition, clients like Movim may behave differently depending on your web browser configuration. This aims to be an incomplete list of calling compatibility across popular clients. "DTMF" refers to dual-tone multi-frequency signaling or what is commonly referred to as a dialpad to allow for number input during phone calls.

Movim browser compatibility matrix

The other person's Jabber ID needs to be in your roster and they need to share presence with you in order for Movim to present the audio/video call icons.

Browser Movim instance Audio/Video DTMF Date tested Notes
Brave 1.64.116 (Flathub on Fedora) Yes/Yes Yes 2024-04-07 Outgoing audio and video calls work; incoming calls ring but display a blank popup window after selecting "Reply"
Firefox 124 (Flathub on Fedora) Yes/Yes Yes 2024-03-24 Strict tracking protection, but otherwise default

Other client compatibility

Client Audio/Video DTMF Date tested Notes
Dino 0.4.3 (Flathub on Fedora) Yes/Yes No 2024-03-24 Occasionally choppy audio when calling through JMP, but Jabber-to-Jabber is fine
Gajim 1.8.4 (Flathub on Fedora) No/No Yes 2024-03-24

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