Cheogram's service can be used via a long list of XMPP-compatible software available for a range of platforms. This page documents the most common ones, and provides a summary of features relevant to Cheogram.

App name Platform Distributed via Calls In-call keypad (DTMF) Contacts/dialer integration Command UI
Cheogram Android F-Droid, F-Droid (own repo), APK Yes Yes Yes Yes
Snikket Android, iOS F-Droid, Google Play, Apple app store Yes Yes No No
Conversations Android F-Droid, Google Play Yes No No No
Dino Linux Packages, Flatpak (flathub-beta) Yes (v0.3.0+) No No No
Movim Web and other instances Yes Yes No Yes (partial)
Gajim Linux, Windows Packages, Flatpak Legacy, Linux-only Yes No Yes (partial)

DTMF keypad

This keypad is used to interact with automated menus (press "1" for...) and other interactive services. Clients without such a keypad will be unable to navigate such services.

Contacts/dialer integration

Most XMPP clients expect you to enter the XMPP address of a contact before you can message or call them. The XMPP addresses of phone numbers accessed through Cheogram's service look like Converting phone numbers to XMPP addresses and adding them to the app before you can message/call can be annoying if you often need to contact new numbers.

Some operating systems provide ways for applications to integrate with your existing contact list and phone app.

Legacy calls

Some clients have not been updated to use the latest standards for XMPP calling. There are indicated by "Legacy" in the "Calls" column above.

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