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Run the register command on and enter gateway or chat with bot and say register


Inbound Calls

  1. In Twilio, go to Develop > Explore Products > Elastic SIP Trunking and create a new trunk with any name.

  2. In your new trunk go to Origination settings
  3. Add a SIP URI: (replace user with your Jabber ID localpart and domain.tld with your Jabber ID domainpart)

  4. In the left panel under your trunk go to Numbers
  5. Top-right Add a number > Add an existing number and choose your number

Incoming calls to that number will now ring you on Jingle.

Outbound Calls

  1. In Twilio, go to Develop > Explore Products > Functions

  2. Make a new function with any name, use this code:
    • exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {
        let twiml = new Twilio.twiml.VoiceResponse();
        if(event.From != "SIP URI FROM INBOUND SECTION ABOVE") {
          console.log("Bad from: " + event.From);
        } else {
          let tel = event.To.split("@")[0].replace(/^sip:/, "");
          twiml.dial({ callerId: "YOUR TWILIO NUMBER" }).number(tel);
        return callback(null, twiml);
  3. Save and "Deploy all" -- make a note of the function's domain name
  4. In Twilio, go to Develop > Explore Products > Voice

  5. In the sidebar under Manage pick SIP domains
  6. Make a domain with any name. Use an IP access control list with the IP

  7. Set "A call comes in" webhook to https://<function domain>/<function path>

  8. Save
  9. Open Gajim or another client that support XML console and sent this XML in the console:
    • <iq to="" type="set" id="cmd1">
              <command xmlns="" node="sip-proxy-set">
                      <x xmlns="jabber:x:data">
                              <field var="sip-proxy">
                                      <value>YOUR TWILIO SIP DOMAIN</value>
  10. Disconnect and reconnect your Jabber account, you should now be able to place voice calls via Cheogram

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