JMP augments the commands available at Jabber ID and will run commands to configure your account. In a client with a command UI such as Gajim or Movim you may be able to select "Execute Command" or "Actions" on this contact to get a clickable menu. Otherwise you can chat with it as a chat bot. If you're familiar with command line prompts, it works in a similar way. Below are commands the JMP bot understands.

Some commands will display a sub-menu with several numbered options, in which case, you can reply with the number of your selection. Sub-menu's often show the current value of a setting in brackets. You can leave a setting at it's current value by typing 'next'. You can return to the main manu by typing 'cancel' at any time.

You can use any unique prefix for any of these commands. For example, instead of info you may send simply i. Commands are case-insensitive.

JMP bot commands

CommandName Details
help Show a summary of commands Displays a summary of the available commands
info Show Account Info Displays the phone number, account balance and status, renewal fee and date, currency and other settings
usage Show Monthly Usage Displays the number of messages and voice minutes used on each of the past 30 days
transactions Show Transactions Shows the transactions on the account, ex, CreditCard payments, Crypto payments, monthly fees, as well as international call charges or calls that exceed the 120 minute limit.
configure calls Configure Calls Displays and allows setting various options related to voice calls, including
*Duration to ring on incoming calls before playing the voicemail outgoing message starts
* Whether to transcribe voicemail
*Whether to forward calls to Jabber ID, JMP SIP Account, or any custom xmpp:, sip:, or tel: URI
* CNAM name (used for outgoing caller ID
ogm Record Voicemail Greeting Allows recording an outgoing message for voicemail (calls you immediately to do the recording)
credit cards Credit Card Settings and Management Displays a URL for managing credit cards
top up Buy Account Credit by Credit Card Displays the current balance and a sub-menu to select which credit card to use to add to the account balance. This command is only available if a credit card is already associated with the account.
alt top up Buy Account Credit by Bitcoin, Mail or Interac e-Transfer Displays instructions for sending payments other than credit cards. It displays the current balance mailing address and bitcoin address. It also allows creating a new bitcoin address
migrate billing Switch from PayPal or expired trial to new billing Only available for expired trial or PayPal (deprecated) accounts
plan settings Manage your plan, including overage limits Summarizes what is included in the monthly plan-- the number of messages and voice minutes and the overage rates. For overage you will only be charged for the amount that you use above what's included in the monthly plan. By default JMP will always prompt for your explicit consent before allowing any action which would incur overage charges. You can control how many dollars of overage you can use before JMP prompts for your consent. The default is $0, but you can set this to a larger dollar amount (if, for example, you usually use more voice minutes and don't want to be bothered with the prompt so early).
referral codes Refer a friend for free credit Displays a couple of discount codes you can give to other people. They will receive temporary free service and if they pay for service beyond that, you get a credit for temporary free service too.
reset sip account Create or Reset SIP Account Displays the username, password, hostname and other information for configuring a SIP client to make or receive calls. Using this command will change the SIP password. If you have multiple SIP clients, remember to update the passwords in those clients each time you type this command. TODO add a link to SIP tutorial
lnp Port in your number from another carrier Allows porting in a phone number from another carrier. Your current number will no longer be active. Contact support if you want to associate old number with a different Jabber ID. (Note that this command starts with an "L")
change jabber id Change your Jabber ID Use this command to change the Jabber ID (JID) associated with your number.
register Register with backend When used as register this displays a sub-menu for choosing a phone number and steps for depositing money in your account. This command is usually the first command you will use and might not use again. It may also be used to set althernate Cheogram backends (such as Vonage or Twilio)
next Leave a setting at its current value In sub-menus, you can leave a setting at it's current value by typing 'next'.
cancel Exit a submenu You can return to the main manu by typing 'cancel' at any time.

Note: Some commands above might not be available in your account if they are not applicable.

Sub-menus that had prompted for a response will timeout if there is no response from you. If this happens, it will return to the main menu and you can type the desired command again.

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